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Beyond the Island is created by people from all over the world. For a complete list go to the IMDb.com.
Maarten Honkoop
Maarten HonkoopFilm Director
Maarten is a filmmaker and content creator originally from the Netherlands responsible for various media projects, often in collaboration with YWAM Medical Ships, focusing on crucial health problems in Papua New Guinea such as HIV/AIDS. In 2015 he filmed and directed his first documentary in PNG. He has developed a strong vision for helping particularly vulnerable groups through media and raise awareness about their situations of injustice. Through his international relations and various skills in multimedia, music and storytelling he had a leading roll in the creation of Beyond the Island.
Sofia Vesalainen
Sofia VesalainenScreenwriter
Sofia is a missionary and filmmaker with YWAM Norway. She is originally from Finland and has been dreaming about documentary filmmaking since very young age. She did documentary film school with YWAM in 2019 and has been involved in several documentary film projects since. Many of her film projects are focusing on missions and stories of true hope to different areas of life. So far she has been the screenwriter for Beyond the Island and another full length documentary, 'Lähetyksen uusi aalto' about The Legacy Project, a new missions movement in Finland.
Samuel Rich
Samuel RichCinematographer
Samuel is a British filmmaker, photographer and advocate for children at risk. Having travelled to most of the continents he has become passionate about telling stories that bring awareness to both the dangers vulnerable children face, as well as the exciting and innovative solutions being used to help these children thrive in families. He directed the award-winning documentaries Lost Kites and Dear Panama. He had a crucial roll in the production phase of Beyond the Island.
Jeff Rogers
Jeff RogersProducer
Jeff Rogers was born and raised in the USA. He has travelled to 52 nations and provides perspective as he films, writes and teaches. He has been a part of pre-production and production of various films over the years, such as Opukahaia: Hawai’i Legacy documentary series. And Lost Kites, a documentary on the global orphan crisis. In 2019 he was the initiator of Beyond the Island. He and his son Daniel Rogers filmed the very first pieces for the film while on a mission trip with YWAM Medical Ships.
Kristine Peterson
Kristine PetersonArtist
Kristine Peterson was born and raised in Riga, Latvia. She studied art there at the Jan Rozental Fine Art School during the Soviet era. She now lives with her husband and two daughters in Oregon, USA. She loves displaying the beauty of God through her paintings, especially of people and nature. She paints in oil, acrylic, watercolour and also does digital illustrations. For the past 12 years Kristine has also participated in many worship events, conferences and camps doing live paintings. For Beyond the Island she created all the digital artwork, beautifully and culturally accurate for Papua New Guinea.
Raphael Costa
Raphael CostaFilm Composer
A Brazilian native, Raphael moved to the USA to further his career as a film composer in 2012. His experience as a session musician and record producer back in Brazil opened the doors for a position as the lead composer in Hawaii. During those seven years Raphael scored multiple projects, from feature films to documentaries, commercials, and video games. In 2019 Raphael moved to Los Angeles to expand his career. With his background in world music, orchestral music and sound design he created an unique and beautiful soundtrack for Beyond the Island.

Beyond the Island is created in partnership with iCare4U.

iCare4U aims to help women and children diagnosed with HIVS. They provide respite living for 3 months so they can rehabilitate. They goal is to restore dignity, rebuild their identity and release hope back into their lives.

The most vulnerable are woman and children, particularly pregnant woman and their children. Children impacted by HIV, either by being infected or having family members infected are often neglected and even orphaned and or abandoned.

The vision is to see  Papua New Guinean’s thrive in their communities, to no longer see HIV as a death sentence and to live a full and successful life. iCare4U wants to offer a holistic approach to help them thrive in their life not just survive.


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